Seasons change- So does your skin!

Identifying Triggers and tips to deal with them. Part 1

8/31/20222 min read

Identifying Triggers - Part 1

Over the time I've been making my products, one of the biggest questions I get is why doesn't it work as well right now but it worked last month. At first, I wasn't sure how to answer that question myself. I mean it works for me all the time. What I didn't realize is that I switch scents and fragrances to accommodate what I might need given whatever season I'm in.

So what does this mean.... It means that depending on the physical season outside, determines what your body responds to in a negative or positive way. I had a customer who is a dear friend contact me recently because her daughter had an eczema breakout and she wasn't sure what the issue was. Being that she only used my product, she wanted to make sure it wasn't an allergic reaction or something else. We went over a list of items/environmental circumstances/food changes to identify what the issue could be and after talking everything through, she realize the season had just changed recently and hadn't really noticed. She switched from scented to unscented and the results were great.

Will this be everyone's solution? No, but it could be yours. Simply switching from one of your scented lotions or soaps could give you better results that were unexpected but bring relief. Not to mention, making sure you're not adding to it by eating things that cause this reaction internally only to see them appear on your skin a couple days later. Tie that up with the environmental toxic/allergen bow and you have one heck of an issue on your hands.

My advice would be to pay better attention to what you consume, inside and out. Our skin is our largest organ and it digests whatever we feed it. Sounds strange, right, but once you come to the understanding that what you eat, drink, surround yourself with (environment) all affect your skin, it will be easier to identify the triggers and come up with solutions.

First and foremost, if what you're using is drying out your skin, causing itchiness, or flare ups, STOP using it. Whether it worked in one season doesn't mean it will work in this one. Save it for the season in which it worked best. If you have flare-ups, try a mild soap. What's a mild soap? One without fragrance and alcohols that will further dry out or irritate the skin. If your skin is inflamed, any soap, for initial use, may burn. If it continues to burn or cause further irritation after a few uses, it may be too strong.

To coat your skin after washing, my answer will always be something to not just protect but help heal the skin. Many products will tell you that's what they do but READ the labels! If there's a lot of alcohol in the product, it will not be as effective as something without. If there's plenty of water but little of everything else, that protection won't last as long. Water is not designed to protect and it's designed to moisturize but it dries over time leaving the skin unprotected. Use a cream based moisturizer with added properties for protection where water is not the first ingredients. Oil based ones are ok as well but be warned they will be very greasy.